I can't believe I'm about to link you to this NY Daily News story, which is breathlessly reporting the 'scoop' that Sienna Miller's sex scenes in Factory Girl were - wait for it, not acting. The story, which would not pass the laugh test for even the most D-list movie website that just started last week, cites an "insider" who claims that the sex between Miller and co-star Hayden Christensen in the film was actual intercourse. "It's not simulated," the 'insider' source says. "They're really doing it." Director George Hickenlooper, who cracked jokes and showed himself to be a generally jovial sort during this week's press conference for the film, apparently gave them the excuse they needed when someone from the NYDN asked him at the premiere if the sex was real and he said "I can't comment. You'll have to ask Sienna."

The publicist, of course, denied everything. I'm surprised she returned the phone call. Anyone who knows anything about, or has even heard of film, knows that nothing approaching real sex would ever be allowed on a modern-day set, with all the publicists and crewmen and lawyers standing three feet away from the actors at all times. To suggest otherwise is lunatic.