Seems like it was two or three years ago that I heard the first vague rumblings about a Creepshow 3 -- and then I pretty much forgot all about it. But guess what? The anthology-centric second sequel actually does exist! And according to, the flick will finally hit my eyeballs on May 15. That's when Warner Bros. will be releasing the five-story horror film on DVD.

So while that's some potentially good news for us horror geeks, I do have a few caveats to offer: First off, Creepshow 3 was produced without the involvement of Stephen King and George A. Romero, a pair of certifiable horror gods who collaborated on the original Creepshow and (kinda) on Creepshow 2. Matter of fact -- and here's where things turn ugly -- it looks like Creepshow 3 was directed by theduo who gave us ... Day of the Dead 2: Contagium. (Yikes!)

For those unfamiliar with the shows of creep, I'll inform you that the original one came out in 1982 and has gone on to become a bona-fide cult favorite. (Well, that one story about the crate is a real ass-kicker, anyway.) Plus how often do you get to see Leslie Nielsen play a really nasty villain? Never, that's how often. The sequel followed five years later, and is generally regarded as a lesser (albeit watchable) piece of multi-story horror. (Although the sequel's first story (The Raft) is an absolute hoot.) I'm beginning to get a little nervous about this third entry, though... Guess we'll find out what's up on May 15.