We recently brought you news that Maria Bello is about to start shooting a new thriller called Downloading Nancy. While it might sound like some sort of Weird Science update where the kids download a woman from the Internet, it is actually about a suicidal wife who doesn't have the guts to do the deed herself. Instead, she hires a hitman to do it for her. To throw a further wrench into the woman's troubled life, they form a relationship which makes it hard for the man to finish his job. As of last week, Bello's co-star was to be Ray Liotta.

Well, now more casting news has come from Production Weekly, and Liotta's name is nowhere to be found. The actress' co-stars are now listed as Jason Patric and Danny Huston. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that Huston's involvement is not as another "husband of the star" -- that's gettingold. However, I wouldn't get settled in these casting choices. There is still just over a week before Johan Renck is set to start filming, so there's enough time for the filmmakers to make even more changes. According to PW, William Hurt was also set to star. Now this is one hell of a melange of different actors -- Hurt, Liotta and now either Patric or Huston.

Stay tuned, we might have a whole new cast list next week!
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