Just when you thought they had run out of time traveling ideas, comes word that DreamWorks has picked up the sci-fi comedy spec script Gullible's Travels, written by Open Season scribes Ron Friedman and Steve Bencich. While Marty and Doc used a DeLorian and Bill and Ted accessed the past through a magical phone booth, the main character in Gullible's Travels -- supposedly, the world's most gullible man -- will travel through time via a portable toilet. (Better make sure there's enough toilet paper, because I'm pretty positive there was none of that extra fluffy stuff back in 1868.)

Story follows our hero as he hops between the future and the past in search of the woman he loves ... only just when he thinks he's found her, he realizes that it's not his lover, but distant relatives of the woman he's seeking. On the surface, the plot seems a bit odd -- did his girlfriend venture off to take care of business, then suddenly disappear (literally) when she flushed the toilet? And, is he now making it his quest to find her? Why a portable toilet? Are they supposed to be funny ... because every portable toilet I've encountered has left me with the need to take back-to-back-to-back showers in order to wash the stench of death from off my body?

Friedman and Bencich made a name for themselves by penning animated scripts for Open Season, as well as Brother Bear and Chicken Little, though Gullible's Travels appears to be heading in the live action direction. And that about wraps it up ... for some reason I really need to go to the bathroom right now. Cheers!

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