It's all about beefing up a film's cast today, as the new Diane Lane flick, Untraceable, has added a few more names to its pot. Colin Hanks, Billy Burke, Joseph Cross and Mary Beth Hurt have joined Lakeshore Entertainment's thriller, which follows an FBI agent (Lane) while she attempts to track down "a ruthless online predator." So, basically, it's like an extended Law & Order/FBI Files episode, only with a bunch more familiar faces.

Hanks is set to play Lane's FBI partner (can you believe Tom Hanks' kid is now playing an FBI agent in a film?), while Burke shall play Lane's lover, Hurt, her mother, and Cross will take on the role of villain. Gregory Hoblit (Frequency, Fallen) who, coincidentally, directed episodes of L.A. Law and Hill Street Blues back in the day, has come on board to helm the pic, which begins production next month in Portland, Oregon. Bonus points go to scribes Robert Fyvolent and Mark R. Brinker for penning an original script (as in Untraceable will not be based off some novel, short story, play, etc ...), though Cross isn't a very scary bad guy -- then again, online predators are known to blend in with the crowd. Hmm, I wonder if this one will end with a crew from Dateline NBC showing up to spoil the party?

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