One for the "I knew it was coming, but I kinda wish it wasn't" department: Everyone get ready for a movie called Meet the Little Focker, which will be the third chapter in the densely-plotted and astoundingly brainy series that began with Meet the Parents and continued (miserably) with Meet the Fockers.

According to an AP report, actress Teri Polo is the one who let the cat out of the bag ... and that's pretty much all we got for you, news-wise. Meet the Little Focker. Coming soon. Teri Polo said so. And it seems a safe bet that folks like Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman will be returning. All those actors have really expensive houses and cars and stuff, you know.

While you're awaiting the most heavily-anticipated baby-centric second sequel since Look Who's Talking Now, take a few minutes to contemplate this fact: Meet the Fockers grossed $280 million in North America alone. That figures out to about $140 million per laugh. But yeah, make another one. Absolutely. Maybe one day Universal can mount a trilogy about something even more domestically banal, like Next Door Neighbor or Squeaky Screen Door.
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