Dominic Sena, the nice man who brought us the bus being hoisted through the air in Swordfish and Angelina Jolie's bad haircut in Gone in Sixty Seconds, is set to direct a film based on a graphic novel series by Greg Rucka. Whiteout is about a U.S. Marshal who has to solve a murder in Antarctica -- do we have dominion there yet? -- in a certain amount of time, or be stuck up there, alone in the dark, for six months with the killer.

Production Weekly reports that Kate Beckinsale is currently negotiating to take on the role of Marshal Carrie Stetko. The film is pegged to begin shooting in mid-March. Is it just me, or does this project sound remarkably similar to 30 Days of Night, the Sam Raimi-produced horror film arriving in theaters this fall? That one is also based on a graphic novel and also about a law enforcement official who must battle evil while living in a place that is noticeably deprived of sunlight.

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