Can we not remember our screen legends well? Just yesterday, Erik told us of the sad end to Alfred Hitchcock's career. And I've still never gotten over the late voice work of Orson Welles (never mind The Transformers: The Movie; have you heard this before?). Now, from a new book coming in April, we learn that Marlene Dietrich was so desperate for money that she would ... I can't even write the words of what she had to do. Let me just say it involved singing and a stranger and, well, don't worry, she didn't completely prostitute herself.

I just don't understand the world that let Dietrich go broke and out of work for so many years leading up to her death. Couldn't she at least have been hired for special appearances, cameos, walk-ons or something? She didn't even get a role in a Muppet movie. With her and Welles so miserable, they should have made more films together. Alas, she did not act much in her final thirty years, and sadly, her memory is to be tarnished because of some desperate measure. And so, apparently, is Greta Garbo's, too.
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