Will the Bond newsneverend? It's starting to seem like we are going to have a steady stream of Bond rumblings until the next film actually drops in theaters in 2008. Earlier this week, Martin Campbell, director of Casino Royale, declared once again that he will not be the helmer for the next installment of the series. Given the unexpected, unprecedented success of his re-boot of the franchise, you can imagine the amount of money he has turned down. In other news, last week an intriguing rumor was stirred up by Liz Smith -- that Daniel Craig is trying to convince his friend Sienna Miller to be his love interest in the next film, which will supposedly get rolling sometime around next January.

Miller, out promoting her new Edie Sedgwick biopic Factory Girl, threw some cold water on the rumors. She was quoted as saying that this talk is all "because we starred in Layer Cake together and because we get on so well. I don't think Daniel has time to be an agent at the moment." Perhaps sensing that this was a little too much of a door-slammer, she closed her quote by saying "But how could anyone say no to James Bond?' In even more news, the Bond screenwriters recently dropped the news that, contrary to popular opinion, the next Bond film will not be based around Risico, the Ian Fleming short story.

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