Well, I think Uwe Boll has just solidified both his nomination and win for next year's Razzie nods with his upcoming horror flick, Postal. Okay, so that was probably set in stone well before the trailer hit the Internet this week, but now it would take a lot to upset the prolifically bad director -- even with the likes of the 3% goodEpic Movie. We've been following the flick for a while now, when there was rumors of Cohen and when Boll decided to write a certain letter, well before Lohan's written words seared our eyes.

If you're wondering just what Boll plans to bring to the screen to tell the story of a postal worker who goes crazy and starts killing everyone, just imagine some Osama, dead schoolchildren and I sh*t you not -- Dave Foley, in all his naked glory, followed by the actor dropping some kids off at the pool. (Is that really, really necessary?) Not only will we have a full-frontal assault, but the scenes seem to be shaping up to be something that makes Lars Von Trier's commentary on America seem all sorts of sissy.

With Postal all wrapped up, I wonder how long it will take before he heads to the next banned video game. I won't be surprised if, in the next year, Boll announces that he's going to make a movie version of Thrill Kill. Perhaps it will be an adaptation about a crappy movie director who gets sent to an insane asylum and beats the crap out of movie reviewers with his leg.

YouTube has the (leaked?) trailer, and luckily, there's no Foley nudity present, although the bathroom bit is.