Directed by Benjamin Ross (RKO 281), this film is only 18-minutes long, perhaps because the very idea of its subject -- sonderkommandos -- is too mind-blowing for a feature film to accommodate. The sonderkommandos, of course, were Jewish slaves who were kept alive in the concentration camps to perform such ungodly tasks as to convince the new arrivals that nothing bad was afoot and to assist in processing them through the 'showers' and then disposing of the remains afterwards. Torte Bluma, which is showing as an add-on short with the print of Two Or Three Things I Know About Him at Manhattan's Film Forum, stars Stellan Skarsgard as Franz Stangl, an SS officer at Treblinka who repeats the phrase "I walk this world but once" to himself repeatedly throughout the piece, quietly pondering his own moral fiber as he debates over issues like whether to grant his own sonderkommando, Blau (Simon McBurney) the privilege of walking his father to an immediate death after he arrives in the camp. This deep thought process is interrupted only when Stangl gets a hankering for Torte Bluma, an expensive jam.