According to a story at, the secret code name under which The Dark Knightwill be filming in Chicago has been cracked already. The shooting title for the film will be 'Rory's First Kiss,' and the film will shoot for over 80 days in the summer. Rory is the name of Christopher Nolan's son, and someone put that together with the source story over at Reel Chicago very quickly. So now you can all go to Chicago and bother Batman while he's trying to shoot his scenes.

Why is this movie being filmed in Chicago anyway? Is Chicago a major hub for filming big action extravaganzas like this one? What's the attraction? Tax breaks? By the way, Batman Begins was also filmed under a code name: Intimidation Game. The other big Bat news of late -- the question of who will take on the role of Rachel Dawes now that Katie Holmes has vacated the part for greener pastures -- is still up in the air. When something changes, we'll let you know.

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