The Hollywood Reporter is telling us this morning that screenwriter William Monahan is currently gearing up to write a sequel to Martin Scorsese's unexpected smash hit, The Departed, for which he penned the screenplay. Monahan, who also wrote the underrated-but-chopped-to-bits Kingdom of Heaven, has been busy landing projects lately, and seems to be building up the kind of slate that puts him squarely in David Koepp territory. He has taken on scripting duties for Jurassic Park IV, scheduled to hit theaters in summer 2008, and has penned an adaptation of Wartime Lies, the incredible book that Stanley Kubrick was set to turn into a film called Aryan Papers in 1993, before abruptly dropping the idea upon hearing the news that Spielberg was also making a Holocaust picture.

If you haven't seen The Departed by now, I have no sympathy and won't refrain from writing my next sentence. How are they going to make a sequel to this movie when everyone is dead? According to the source, the idea is to bring back Mark Wahlberg's popular detective character and to add in Robert DeNiro, who was rumored to be thought of for Martin Sheen's role in the original film, at one point in the development. Warner Brothers holds the rights to the two sequels toInfernal Affairs, so this thing might pan out.

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