After some recent and somewhat disappointing cinematic attempts at telling the story of Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham and Maid Marion -- including a rather dismal affair known as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner with a dreadful English accent -- it looks like the venerable story is being put back in action yet again. According to Variety, Russell Crowe has agreed to star in a new version of the classic tale for Imagine Entertainment and producer Brian Grazer.

Crowe will not be playing Robin Hood, however. Instead, he will star as the often-portrayed-as-evil Sheriff of Nottingham in this "revisionist" version of the story. What makes it "revisionist" you may wonder? Well, this new version, written as a spec by Sleeper Cell creators Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris, is based on a premise that the Sheriff was more noble than previously portrayed and that Robin Hood was far less virtuous. In fact, in this story, in many ways Robin Hood is not much more than a common thief. Of course, there's also a love story involving Crowe's Sheriff, Robin Hood and the lovely Marion to further complicate matters.

At the moment, the Robin Hood and Marion roles are still to be cast. The pic is also in search of a director, but some of the names being thrown around at this point include Bryan Singer, Sam Raimi and Jon Turteltaub. Call me crazy but I like Russell Crowe since he played bad guy Sid 6.7 in the less-than-stellar Virtuosity. He's a great actor who can pull off almost any kind of role so the Sheriff of Nottingham should be no trouble at all. Still, I'm a little disappointed he didn't take on the role of Robin Hood -- but I guess I can't have everything. And really, I don't envy the actor who will be playing the part opposite Crowe. That'll be a tough one. Shooting is expected to start near the end of the year or early in 2008.
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