Damn, Warner Bros. sure is busy today -- Variety reports the studio has tapped Jennifer Garner to star in a remake of the 1945 comedy Christmas in Connecticut, reuniting the actress with her 13 Going on 30 producers Susan Arnold and Donna Ruth. The original film, which was directed by Peter Godfrey and starred Barbara Stanwyck in the lead role, revolved around a Martha Stewart-type cooking writer who convinces the world that she lives this perfect little life on a farm in Connecticut with her husband and child, when in reality she's single, living in New York and cannot cook a damn thing (a good friend provides her with all the fantastic recipes). Hilarity ensues when the owner of her magazine invites a heroic sailor to spend Christmas on her fake farm. Oops.

Technically, this will be the second Christmas in Connecticut remake, as none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger directed an updated version for TV back in 1992 -- that one starred Dyan Cannon and, along with being a writer, she also hosted her own cooking show. My guess is Warners will probably go that route as well, especially with folks like Rachael Ray turning into something of a phenomenon as of late. (Personally, if I hear her say "Let's just throw a little S&P on that and top it off with some EVOO," one more time, I might have to throw something hard and sharp at my television.) Also, look for the "heroic sailor" to be replaced by a handsome veteran of the Iraq war. Any guesses as to who they'll get for the male lead?

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