Apart from Fatal Attraction, which took the theme of adultery to the next level and then some, Unfaithful ranks right up there as one of those films that's just impossible to watch for anyone that's in a loving relationship ... if only because it simply freaks you out from start to finish, and leaves you with the need to strap a camera on your significant other so you can document their every move. Warner Bros. certainly liked the chemistry (or lack thereof) between Unfaithful stars Richard Gere and Diane Lane, as they've brought them onboard to star in an adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks romance novel, Nights in Rodanthe.

This time, however, Gere gets a chance to play the other man. Story follows a doctor (Gere) who's traveling to meet up with his estranged son, when he stops at a North Carolina inn and hooks up with a woman (Lane) who's contemplating the future of her unhappy marriage. Ah, I think we know where this one is heading ... And talk about a guy who knows how to romance the written word, Sparks' novels are responsible for a host of other book-to-screen adaptations, including The Notebook, Message in a Bottle and A Walk to Remember. Makes you wonder how he plans to spend his Valentine's Day, huh?

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