The dedicated folks over at have translated an interview with Janusz Kaminiski in a Polish publication, and they have a couple of things to report. First, what we already know, that the long-time Steven Spielberg collaborator will indeed be lensing the forthcomingIndiana Jones film. Second, Kaminski apparently told the publication that he is gearing up to film the movie in "jungle locales" in addition to Los Angeles and other places around the world. What exactly is Indiana Jones going to be doing in the jungle? Could be pretty much anything, I guess.

In other Indiana Jones news, normally I wouldn't bother posting unsubstantiated gossip that circulates in the British rags, but this little item going around really caught my eye, because it stinks of George Lucas. According to the source, Harrison Ford had to resist his bosses' idea to have him 'wield' a computer-generated whip in the new film. Ford supposedly branded the idea "ridiculous," which is a comfort if this story has a grain of truth. Filming on the fourth Indiana Jones adventure is set to begin in June.

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