We knew we were asking it for it. We posted a photo of midgets, for Christ's sake. What did we expect you to caption about, the plight of Kal Penn as an Indian-American working in Hollywood? The 23 different laugh-free trailers you saw per night in the days leading up to the release of box office champ(!) Epic Movie? The film's 03% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Of course not. Congrats to winner Mark M, who, if we're not mistaken, took a break from avoiding the public eye surrounding his rejection from Baseball's Hall of Fame to give us the week's best caption. See his entry below.

And now onto the BIG news. After weeks of half-empty promises (though I'd say they were half-full), we finally have prizes for the winners of this next contest. Writers of our favorite three captions will earn themselves a spiffy, never-worn-before tee-shirt from the featured film, Pan's Labyrinth. Though it's not required that you've seen the movie to enter, I strongly recommend checking out this brilliant film at some point over the course of your lifetime. And the better news: we'll be prizing every week from here on in, so go ahead and bookmark this here link and join the fun every weekend for your chance to win tickets, posters, DVDs and more. Have fun, and check out the official contest rules below. (Winners selected must respond to our email notice next Thursday, February 8).

Epic Movie

"Dude, Burning Man just keeps getting weirder and weirder every year."

-- Mark M

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This week's contest:

Epic Movie

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