If there's any Wallace & Gromit fans out there saddened by the breakup of Dreamworks and Aardman, cheer up. I told you there was plenty more in store for the animation studio's most popular characters, and I wasn't just being hopeful. According to a spokesman from Aardman, Wallace & Gromit creator Nick Park is working on a new project for the claymation duo. It isn't certain, though, whether the project will be for the big screen or for television. But whatever the medium, it is scheduled to begin shooting as soon as Park is finished writing the script.

Considering the fact that Aardman is without a major film distributor for the time being, it might make sense that the new Wallace & Gromit is made for TV. Aardman already has one series (Creature Comforts) put out to CBS and if it goes well (air it already!), there could potentially be interest in more from the animation studio. Most of us W&G fans would definitely love to see another feature, like Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, but we can't be choosy when it comes to these guys. We waited years between half-hour shorts, and we will take anything we're given -- except for a CGI or live-action version, of course.
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