Well, seeing as three new posters just recently hit the net, we knew it wouldn't be long before the first teaser trailer for Judd Apatow's Knocked Up came knocking on our door, expecting child support. Empire has snagged the extremely racy teaser that won't be playing in theaters, or on the boob tube, because, well, you'll have to see for yourself. Of course, I must warn you ahead of time that there is an excessive amount of foul language included within this teaser -- and when I say "foul language" I also mean sexually explicit language. So, those of you at work or around children might want to wait until the coast is clear before diving into this sick puppy.

Set to hit theaters on June 1, Knocked Up is Judd Aapatow's directorial follow-up to The 40 Year Old Virgin, and it stars Seth Rogen as a guy who accidentally impregnates his one night stand, Katherine Heigl. Back when I told you about the Knocked Up posters, I was curious as to how in the world someone like Rogen would land a beauty like Heigl. Well, that's kind of explained in the teaser. I'm not sure why Apatow and Co. would choose to go this raunchy with their first trailer -- but, I suppose he wants you to know right up front what you're in store for.

And yes, in case you were wondering ... Seth Rogen looks hysterical.

Once again folks, this trailer is definitely NSFW -- it includes foul and sexually explicit language. You've been warned ... twice.