I always assumed that when a studio bought a script on spec alone, it meant that the idea was so great that they just couldn't stand to miss out on it, or that it was a guaranteed moneymaker. The latest purchase by Warner Brothers, however, has me wondering what the big rush was, because if Jayson Rothwell's Invaders is a diamond in the rough, I'm just not seeing it from where I'm looking.

Variety announced that Warner Bros. has bought the spec script by Rothwell for Thunder Road and Pierce/Williams Entertainment to produce. Rothwell has a pretty short resume; he has a script for an Alice in Wonderland re-imagining titled Malice in Sunderland in production and is also on board to write The A-Team big-screen remake.

Invaders is the story of a gang of thieves forced into service for a U.S. government agent to retrieve a sex tape starring the president and the wife of an Arab sheik (yes, we're serious). Now, I know that action flicks don't always rely on the most logical of plot devices but I can't help but think the premise of this one is not only goofy but also downright tacky. I doubt the film is going to win any UN awards, but Warner Bros. seems pretty keen on the idea, so I doubt they'll waste much time getting the film into production.
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