Sophia Bush in The HitcherIt seems like by the time Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman actually gets made, people will have learned how to build and fly invisible jets on their own. (That's because it'll be so far in the future ... oh, never mind.) And now comes the news that Warner Bros. has bought a second Wonder Woman script, different from the one Whedon's penning -- either so they can shove the competing script in a drawer, or light a fire under Whedon's ass. (Read our thoughts on the two screenplays here.) Oh, it makes the head spin.

Enough with the drama. All we really want to know is, who's going to play Wonder Woman? Little Internet birds have told us that the latest contender might be Sophia Bush, fresh off her leading role in the there-and-gone horror remake The Hitcher. But them's just rumors. We've put forth 15 other great and horrible casting suggestions for Joss Whedon and the folks at Warner Bros. What are yours?

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