If you're a fan of British television, chances are you've heard of Alan Partridge. If not, he's a fictional creation from actor Steve Coogan, who has appeared in a ton of television shows and specials. Unlike some fictional newsman stateside, like Jiminy Glick, Partridge has been around for years, although his media appearances have been slowing down. As time passes, Coogan has been reported to be reluctant to keep reprising the character, and has been quoted as saying that Partridge is "cryogenically preserved next to Walt Disney for the time being."

Nevertheless, there's been a film in talks for the past few years. In 2005, it was said to be on hold due to the London bombings (the film planned to involve an al-Qaeda siege). Now Empire has had a brief chat with Patrick Marber, who is said to be co-penning the movie with Coogan. According to the writer, "There's no script ... Steve has had a very good idea of how to do an Alan Partridge film. Whether it will happen, or get written -- or get written by me, I don't know." Well how's that for ambiguity? I can't imagine them not putting something together, especially in the wake of Borat's success. The possibilities for a faux journalist are pretty much endless.

If you can't wait for some more Coogan, you can catch him in Simon Pegg's upcoming action comedy, Hot Fuzz.

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