Upon hearing that someone will make a documentary, chances are you think of some shocking story, or perhaps something politcally charged that reflects modern society. You probably wouldn't think of crosswords, which was the subject of Patrick Creadon's latest documentary Wordplay -- the one that gave our James Rocchi an incessant feeling of deja vu. However, after delighting in some nerd love pasttimes, the director wants to tackle the U.S. federal debt with partner Christine O'Malley. Their hope: "that we can again take a potentially dry story and make it cinematic, revealing and entertaining."

Well, the latter is yet to be seen, but at least this theme will have more social relevance. The duo is teaming up with Open Sky Entertainment to make the doc, which will be roughly based on writing from The Daily Reckoning, a financial newsletter. To cover all their money bases, the team plans to bring together a nonpartisan advisory committee, consisting of business and government leaders. They better hurry, as they plan to start filming immediately and release the documentary next year. Creadon is quoted as saying: "America's federal debt is $8.6 trillion and growing at a frightening pace." I guess he's seen that billboard in New York City -- the one that has a bunch of little white lights manically flashing as the debt continues to mount.
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