What happened to Whit Stillman? I'm not the only one who keeps asking. Cinematical has been posingthisquestion, and trying to answer it, for years. After his deliciously verbose conversational trio, the man pretty much fell off the face of the earth. Instead of delighting in yuppie angst, I've had to pull out my Yuppie Game, get over-dressed and fire up my DVD player to get my fill. However, it seemed like we were on to something in May of last year, when Martha Fischer whetted our appetites with news of Little Green Men, the flick meant to be the return of Stillman. (Without the 80's yuppies.) Then, there was nothing.

Well, what would you say if I told you that Stillman says that John Malcovich and Peter Sarsgaard are attached to the film? After hearing that my beloved Whit was out and about to see a screening of Kind Hearts and Coronets, I decided to see what the deal was with his upcoming alien movie. It seems that Forrest Hartman from the Reno Gazette-Journal had a brief chat with Stillman, who gave lots of info about himself and the all-too-juicy tidbits about the alien movie.

While I'm disappointed that Chris Eigeman won't be bourgeois bitching with the likes of aliens in outer space, at least he's got some meaty male replacements -- and hopefully official word will come on them both soon. And, if you're hoping for more EigeStillman, the director supposedly promises that he has plans for more projects with Chris. That is, if he ever gets them off the ground!

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