I'm not sure what the more newsworthy piece of information is -- that more people have been added to the cast of The Eye, or that Sarah Michelle Gellar, Asian Thriller Remake Extraordinaire, isn't one of them. In a bit of a twist, this remake is actually pulling together a decent cast, which makes me wonder if this will be more like The Ring, and less like The Grudge. As Scott Weinberg previously reported, Jessica Alba is set to star in the film about a blind woman who has a cornea surgery and begins to see dead people -- leading her to find out what happened to the eye's previous owner.

Variety has now reported that Alessandro Nivola and Parker Posey have signed on to co-star. Nivola had his own stint in The Ring, if you mean Danielle Steel's made-for-television version. However, he's probably more recognizable from flicks like Face/Off, Mansfield Park and Laurel Canyon. Ms. Posey, well, she's had two second-sequel horror stints with Scream 3 and Blade:Trinity, so its nice to see her starting at the beginning, where a movie has a better chance of being good. It's not a bad cast thus far, but I can't help but wonder if it's the right cast. Can you imagine Alba finding out that her eye is possessed? I just can't imagine her emoting this half as well as Posey, who has quirky body movements down to a science.
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