Not to bring the room down, but one of the truest tests of a person's character is how he or she deals with loss, whether it be car keys or of something or someone genuinely important. This week on Trailer Park we're looking at films about dealing with loss.

Ghost Rider
What greater loss is there to deal with than the loss of ones immortal soul? In this film, based on the Marvel Comic, Nicolas Cage stars as Johnny Blaze, a renowned stunt motorcyclist. Years ago he made a deal with a devil called Mephistopheles (or just Mephisto to the comic book purists) to save someone he loved. Now at night in the presence of evil, Blaze becomes Ghost Rider, a demonic flame-skulled creature riding a Harley from hell and rounding up those who have escaped Mephistopheles' wrath. Cage missed out on an opportunity to play Superman a few years ago, and at first Ghost Rider might seem like quite a step down in the super hero world, but this one looks like fun, mixing super heroics with elements of horror. Peter Fonda's presence as Mephistopheles is obviously a nod to his role in Easy Rider, another biker movie in which his character was often referred to as Captain America, another legendary Marvel character. For another opinion on this trailer, see what Cinematical's Mark Beall had to say.