When watching a questionable tween show, do you ever wonder what will happen to the actors afterwards? Just ten years ago, Ryan Gosling was the ladies man, Sean Hanlon, on the Canadian tween show, Breaker High. No one ever thought the cast would go anywhere -- not everyone can jump to super-stardom after a Canadian television show like Alanis did. Nevertheless, Gosling's success continues to mount, and now he's already preparing to make the leap to director.

Gosling is not looking to direct some random feature. Instead, he's getting prepared for a challenging labor of love -- a film about child soldiers in Africa that is tentatively titled The Lord's Resistance Army. Between his stint in Half Nelson, and roles in the upcoming Fracture and Lars and the Real Girl, Gosling has not only raised most of the money needed to make the film, but he's also writing it. (Either the man is an insomniac, or he's a pro at time management.) If that's still not enough to impress you, he plans to cast the film with non-pros and real child soldiers that he has already found in Africa. This will either be an impressive feat, or an unfortunate disaster. Perhaps Gosling can pull it off.
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