If anyone can delivery deadpan stupidity without a devilish gleam, it is actress and comedian Sarah Silverman. She was the girl in Overnight Delivery who adeptly charged Herman Melville with plagiarism, citing Moby Dick as "a blatant rip-off of Steven Speilberg's Jaws." As she describes it, her comedy is ignorance coupled with arrogance, so it is quite fitting that she recently made a short spoof on Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. While it might seem over-the-top, we are in a world where parents cringe at the film being shown in schools, so her crassness is well-placed.

Frankly, even if it was a complete farce, I'd rather watch Truth than the flick about dying hippos that my science teacher made me watch years ago.A Convenient Truth, as Silverman calls it, outlines her plan to help speed up global warming, because if you ask her, she thinks its awesome. It'll help her save money on sweaters, and it will make Everest fun. She describes it as "global comforting." At least we'll be able to join Sarah in our bathing suits if Gore's predictions come true.

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