It's Super Bowl weekend, so if you're releasing a movie during this frame, it better be geared for a) women, b) older folks, or c) teenage girls -- because most of these people don't really care about football. (I guess that's the logic, but when the broadcasters say "this game is being viewed by a billion people," I gotta assume a good portion of that billion consists of potential moviegoers.) This explains why this weekend offers a) a mom-friendly chick flick, b) an arthouse piece about Andy Warhol's entourage, and c) a non-scary horror movie for the teeny-boppers.

Because I Said So
-- 7 positive / 97 negative reviews at

Pro: "Will work for those it targets and is a pleasant reminder that not all February movies are unbearable." -- James Berardinelli,

Con: "The film is a hate crime, make no mistake." -- Walter Chaw, FilmFreakCentral

Pro: "It's a messy -- emphasis on mess -- comedy, but with lots of heart and plenty of laughs." -- Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

Con: "Joyless and rote, it feels like the grim execution of orders, the foot-stomping compliance to arbitrary rules that make no sense." -- Carina Chocano, Los Angeles Times

"Destined to be forgotten in a matter of days after its release, made to fill three-in-the-morning timeslots on HBO and the dreary parts of trans-oceanic plane trips with glossy, pretty nothingness." -- James Rocchi, Cinematical

Factory Girl -- 4 positive / 21 negative reviews at

Pro: "At its strongest, it explores a timeless tension between style and substance, form and meaning." -- Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

Con: "Disappoints as both biography and drama." -- Kevin Crust, Los Angeles Times

Pro: "Does an impressive job of opening a window to a seldom seen past." -- John Larsen,

Con: "George Hickenlooper's fascination with the beast of celebrity reaches a gossipmongering low with Factory Girl." -- Ed Gonzalez, Slant Magazine

Bonus! "But as turned-on by superficiality as Warhol was, this film, coming in the age of Paris Hilton, stumbles by settling for a pair of superficial portraits." -- Ryan Stewart, Cinematical