It's one of the chintziest, grungiest and most reviled horror movies ever made ... so of course it's remake time for Cannibal Holocaust! Yes that's right, my fellow gorehounds, Cannibal Holocaust, the movie that stooped to monumentally unpleasant levels in order to scare you gross you the hell out! The one with the "pole scene," the "nipple sequence" and more actual animal slaughter than you'd ever want to see ... is being remade? Really? Are they going to slice the head off another tortoise -- or will it just be a CGI tortoise this time out?

Reputedly banned in over 50 countries, Ruggero Deodato'sCannibal Holocaust does have one legitimate asset: It used the "Blair Witch" gimmick way back in 1980! The movie's about a professor who heads deep into the South American jungles to ascertain the whereabouts of a four-person documentary crew, but all he ends up with is a bunch of movie footage -- and what horrifically nasty footage it is! (The moral of the movie seems to be "Don't abuse jungle natives, no matter how docile and servile they might seem, because they just might turn around and eat you.") Certainly not a good film by any stretch of the imagination, CH is still a must-see (at least once) for any self-respecting horror freak.

Which probably explains why the folks at Relevant Entertainment and Scorched Earth Entertainment are so hot to remake the tacky old thing. I can't imagine the remake being as downright unpleasant as the infamous original, but if the producers decide to just use the basic premise and then go off in their own direction ... it could be pretty cool. Maybe.

[The history of this movie is considerably more entertaining than the movie itself.]
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