Here's a few of today's casting bits:
  • You might remember Nikki Reed. She's the one who co-starred and co-wrote Thirteen, a story loosely based on her life, with Catherine Hardwicke. After cleaning up her image on The OC, the actress has signed on to star in Jonah Salander's Privileged, which is about a high-school girl who is the object of affection of two different boys -- played by Adam Butcher and Julian Morris. I guess the girl is ready to leave behind her troubled, 13 ways for double boy trouble.
  • DeRay Davis, who has been in some stellar, comedic gems like Johnson Family Vacation, Scary Movie 4 and the recent Code Name: The Cleaner, has now signed on to the Will double-feature (Ferrell and Arnett) White Men Can't Jump 2. Sorry -- I mean Semi-Pro, which is set to start filming this month. It's hard to keep the name straight since the cast also features Woody Harrelson and Rob Corddry. In the Kent Alterman feature, Davis will play Bee Bee Ellis, a showboating basketball player.
  • Jonathan Sadowski, of last year's She's the Man, has just nabbed himself a part in Bruce Willis' upcoming Die Hard sequel, Live Free or Die Hard, which is currently filming in Los Angeles. Sadowski will play a younger hacker who is at odd with John McClane. Perhaps he will be one of Timothy OIyphant's evil henchman? If there gets to be a huge melange of hackers in the film, they best be shouting: "Hack the planet!!!" Or, at the very least, rollerblading all over the place while wearing tacky clothing.
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