Not since the days of Ernest Joins the Army have you seen a trailer like this one. The title of the movie is Delta Farce, but based on what tells me, a "farce" is "a light, humorous play in which the plot depends upon a skillfully exploited situation rather than upon the development of character." You go watch the trailer yourself and tell me if we don't have a case of false advertising here.

Starring Keith David, DJ Qualls and (yes) Larry the Cable Guy (who describes the movie as "The Three Stooges meets Platoon" (lord help us), Delta Farce looks to be some sort of parody of the Iraq war, but since it's about three idiots who accidentally "invade" Mexico, somehow I doubt it's all that interested in social satire or insightful jokes. Lionsgate presently has the movie scheduled for a May 11 release date, but I'm expecting that date to get pushed back (and directly to video) some time soon. Just a reminder: Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector grossed about $16 million in domestic box office last year. So if you paid money to go see that one, I blame you for Delta Farce.