It's been a busy couple of days when it comes to comic book movies. First, Joss Whedon walked away from the long suffering Wonder Woman film, then David Goyer's The Flashfell apart at Warner Bros. Also, spoke with the writing team of Marty Musatov and Ethan Erwin regarding a movie version of Witchblade, which is about a NY detective in the possession of a mystical weapon. The character has gone through plenty of incarnations already, including an anime version and a cable television series starring Yancy Butler.

Mustov told Moviehole "We're taking Witchblade strongly in the direction of supernatural horror. We're also writing it with the idea of a sequel in mind. The first film will be about introducing the world of the Witchblade, establishing its powers, and the origin story of the female protagonist -- the one who is destined to wield it against evil." Musatov and Erwin also worked together on the thriller Solstice, which has been getting some positive receptions at test screenings. Witchblade is being adapted for Platinum Studios and Arclight Films, but there is no word on who will get to wear the gauntlet.

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