Our pal Jen Yamato recently posted a conversation with Joel Schumacher, and boy did someone know how to get him talking. He's very unnerved at Warner Bros.' idea to take his beloved The Lost Boys and ruin it with a no-budget, direct-to-DVD sequel. "I told them to do 'Lost Girls' and not do 'Lost Boys' sequel," Schumacher said. "There is no Lost Boys' sequel. All the boys are dead. The Lost Boys are all dead. The Coreys are too old. So what would be the movie? You'd have to make up a whole new set of characters."

Schumacher continued: "Do gorgeous teenage biker chicks who are vampires. It'll be great. But they don't listen to me." Schumacher also said that he had been approached to do sequels to other films he's made over the years, with the caveat that they would be made on the cheap if he didn't want to do them up right. "There is no sequel to Flatliners in my mind, but they own those. You don't own them. They're not yours. They did 8mm 2 which we knew nothing about. They slapped the title on a movie that had nothing to do with 8mm."

I completely agree with Schumacher on this score -- Warner Bros. should stop being bloodsuckers and leave our beloved childhood memories alone. The Lost Boys and Flatliners do not need sequels, and they probably wouldn't make much money anyway, so back off.