It's been 15 years since Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme starred together as re-animated soldiers in Universal Soldier, and their spotlight started to fade. Since then, well... Van Damme has been busy with drugs, strippers and imagining himself roles in pointless sequels. As for Dolph, he's still making low-budget films and farting around with Grace Jones while winning his battle against fame. But now he wants all of his old glory back.

According to andPOP, the Rocky IV star told Empire Magazine that he's itching to unite with Van Damme and Chuck Norris on-screen. Undeterred by age, Lundgren believes that the trio can overcome some creaking bones and scheduling issues to pull it off: " would be great to make a movie with the 80s action rat pack.....there are issues with schedules and age and so on, but maybe I'll be the one to make it happen." Or, maybe he's wondering if the two floundering powerhouses of the 80s (Van Damme and himself), can latch onto Norris' continuing fame? And don't leave Steven Seagal out in the cold. He hates what his cinematic life has become!

"I was talking to Chuck Norris' people about doing something with him, maybe an action comedy?" Sure, Drago. Now that Norris has been a long-standing Texas Ranger, saved the Dodgeball day and gotten his own facts website -- what flailing action star wouldn't be jealous? Dolph, just because Norris got his own song, doesn't mean you will too. However, I'm willing to look past your scheme and delight in a trip back to the 80s. Or rather, an action version of The Crew.

[via Moviehole]
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