It looks like Marlee Matlin might just fight her way out of the Oscar-winner curse. Granted, her curse was to do a million guest stints on television that garnered her 4 guest-actress Emmy nods, but since her debut and Academy Award for Children of a Lesser God, Matlin hasn't really had any high-profile, meaty film roles. After some longer TV stints on The West Wing and now a recurring role as a lesbian art professor on The L Word, Matlin is heading back to the big screen as an actress and producer for the upcoming Silent Knights.

No, this isn't a horror remake. Instead, it's the story about a Division 3 deaf football program who gets a Division 1A college football coach after he suffers a near-fatal car accident. This time, Matlin won't be an art professor but rather the university's psychologist, who is also a prominent figure in the deaf community. The screenplay comes from the pen of Doug McKeon, who isn't a stranger to sports films and feel-good stories. His previous script, The Boys of Sunset Ridge dealt with the lives of four men through golf, and his last feature, Come Away Home, was all sorts of family melodrama. However, hopefully this film won't fall prey to the melodramatic traps of feel-good features.
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