The New York Post's Michael Kane has a lengthy (and reasonably well-thought) piece on whether Eddie Murphy deserves to win an Oscar for Dreamgirls -- or if he even wants to. As Jeff Wells has noted repeatedly on Hollywood Elsewhere, Murphy hasn't exactly been going out of his way to work the pre-Oscar scene . Murphy has, however, joked his way though both the SAGs and Golden Globes, and, as Kane notes, the Oscars are "serious business."

That's kind of funny, actually. I mean, certainly the Oscars are serious business to those who make it their business to take seriously Hollywood's most glamorous self-congratulatory back-patting session. And I expect (or at least I would hope) that they're serious business to the Academy members who still care enough to watch hours of screeners and vote for them. The real serious business of the Oscars, though -- and let's be honest here, just for kicks -- is about the moolah at the end of the Oscar rainbow.

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