It's 1974 and Dvir (Tomer Steinof), just about to turn twelve and entering his Bar Mitzvah year, lives on a Kibbutz in Israel with his mother and older brother. His father died some years earlier, but no one will tell Dvir anything other than that it was an accident. Kibbutzim, which began in earlier forms in response to oppression of Jewish population in Russia, was flourishing as a social system in the 1970s in Israel. The kibbutzim were founded on principles of socialist equality -- each person giving as much as he or she was able, and taking only what he or she needed. The members of the kibbutz provided everything the kibbutz needed to survive as a whole, and in return the kibbutz as a whole took care of the individual needs of its members. Kibbutzim were seen by many as social uptopias, and many seekers, both Jewish and not, came to the various kibbutzim looking for models on which to found similar communal intentional communities.