Over his long film career, Robert Duvall has played just about everything. After nabbing one hell of a debut as Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird, he's been in the army, played with a Godfather and portrayed a number of real-life people from Joseph Pulitzer to Robert E. Lee. With of all his range and great roles, there's one thing I would never imagine him as -- a motivational self-help author. However, in the upcoming comedy, Glad All Over (like the song), Duvall will star as one -- although he is a bit different than the likes of other cinematic motivators such as Tappy Tibbons and the failing Richard.

Duvall's character is an ex-football coach recluse, and Glad details a group of people who are connected to the self-help book that he has written. (While I'd love the irony of the writer motivating the masses while avoiding the world, I bet this will be some sort of comedic journey flick where his fans have to inspire him to re-invest in society, or they go to hunt down the man who doesn't want fame.) So far, Ving Rhames has also joined the cast, and although Production Weekly has no word on his role, I'm sure he's either one of the followers or perhaps an ex-player of Duvall's.

Rhames previously worked with John Herzfeld, who's heading the film, on Don King: Only in America, one of the man's many made-for-TV biopics. If you don't pay attention to that sort of fare, you might remember him as the man who wrote and directed the delightfully cheesy Two of a Kind or the crime thriller, 2 Days in the Valley. If you're anxious to experience some Duvall-branded help, the film's principal photography begins in April, so the film will likely be released next year.

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