According to papers filed in New York State Supreme Court late Monday, busy actress Charlize Theron has been sued for breach of contract by Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil. The papers say that Theron signed an endorsement deal with Weil, agreeing that from October 2005 until December 2006 she would only wear Weil's luxury watches. According to Weil's papers, the actress "was actually photographed wearing a watch from the Christian Dior line" at a March 14, 2006 news conference during a film festival in Texas. Furthermore, "although the agreement clearly prohibits [Theron] from appearing in any advertisement for any jewelry, even for charity, she appeared wearing a necklace in an advertisement benefiting an AIDS charity, violating an agreement, from February 2006 to December 2006."

Theron has yet to put out a statement countering the allegations in the suit. The suit also doesn't say how much the Swiss watchmaker is seeking in damages, but Weil's attorney, David Jaroslawicz, claims that Weil spent over $20 million on the Charlize Theron campaign, so he obviously thinks he has major damages. It sounds like Theron may have to officially sign up for Tonight, He Comes and then just turn over her paycheck to this old Swiss guy.

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