Back in November, Ryan managed to yank a couple of micro-details out of Melissa George about her upcoming vampire movie 30 Days of Night when he interviewed her. Also in November, I brought you word of a number of behind-the-scenes clips from the film, which is an adaptation of Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith's horror comics. Since then, a whole slew of new bits have been added and while no cast is shown in the clips, you can delight in some dismembered arms and prop blood. And now, courtesy of the people over at IESB, we get to hear a bit from one of the cast -- Danny Huston.

Huston is, of course, his usual smiling self. Seeing his lips always curled into a smile, you have to wonder if his cheeks are always hurting... Anyhow, after a brief discussion of the insidiousness of the number 23 (Huston co-stars with Carrey and Madsen in that upcoming thriller), they get to his stint as Marlow -- a "pre-Ice Age vampire" who finds humans to be insignificant food. If the thought of Josh Hartnett heading the picture scares you more than the idea of a month of darkness while being attacked by vampires, you may take comfort in the fact that Huston has nothing but praise for the film. He describes it as very well-written, visually stunning, shrewd and conceptually smart.

Huston told IESB: "I just loved trying to justify these incredibly evil actions -- and make them make sense to me." It will be interesting to see how he pulls it off. He brought depth to Nick Cave's Arthur Burns, adding a smirk to the devilishness of the outlaw, but only time will tell if the 'sense' he makes of the character leads it to camp or creep.
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