If you've ever sat through a dreadful film and thought to yourself "Man, I could do a better job directing than (insert name of hack director here)," then this announcement might be just what you've been waiting for. According to Variety, social networking site MySpace is joining forces with production companies Film4 and Vertigo Films to give one lucky MySpace member a shot at directing a feature film. Before you go hitting your browser to fire up your MySpace page in all its eclectic glory, one word of warning -- you can only participate this time if you happen to live in the United Kingdom. Yes, that's in Europe. Sorry.

The lucky winner of the contest, dubbed the "MySpace Movie Mashup," will be picked by a combination of celebrity jury -- which includes such actual celebs as actress Sienna Miller and director Anthony Minghella -- and an online tally of votes from the winning director's short films on MySpace. After the director is selected, MySpace users will then be invited to contribute to the development, casting and marketing decisions for the film, which is scheduled to shoot in October for a Summer 2008 release. The competition will be officially launched Feb. 7 at a party in central London.

Even though this is only for those of you who live in the UK I have a hard time believing that it will continue that way for very long. If this first contest is even remotely successful and yields any sort of decent product, they would have to consider doing a version here in the US. After all, this is where MySpace started and where we have more wanna-be directors than any other country in the world. So, be patient and get your short films ready. Our time is gonna come soon enough.