In an interview last week with the British Independent, Jennifer Hudson had a few things to say about how she saw her role in the smash-hit Dreamgirls, which is fast-approaching the $100 million mark in the U.S. When asked what she thought about Florence Ballard, the Supremes singer who ended up in a losing battle with drugs and alcohol and died of a coronary at aged 32, Hudson responded "Florence's story was actually good news for me because it made me angry. That helped me feed into Effie even more."

She continued: "I really felt like Effie was Florence's voice and this was her fans' way of getting her justice, or having it end the way they would have liked to see it end. So anytime I would come to a scene, I was thinking "This is what Florence should have done or 'Maybe she would have reacted like this.' She also revealed that the biggest musical number for her character was held until the end of the movie's filming. "I had to really know Effie before I could even go into something like that," she said.