If you're trapped in a boring office, in some long forgotten sector of a cubicle farm, chances are you're often looking for ways to help while away the hours as you burrow through massive stacks of paperwork. Sure, you could always throw some tunes on the old computer, but after awhile even the dulcet tones of Josh Groban will make you go insane.

That's where the internet steps in and, once again, saves your life. Listen to a Movie, which just recently launched a new beta site, has been one of my favorite sites for a few years now, helping me get through the monotony of office living, and the sometimes-worse-than-nails-on-a-chalkboard-sound of something we've all encountered -- the annoying officemate. Listen to a Movie literally lets you listen to the the entire soundtrack to a movie, played through any web browser. You're there along for the ride. Right now, as I'm writing this, I'm listening to Adaptation. Which is helping somewhat, because I get bouts of writer's block, just like Charlie Kaufman does. Except when he finally works his out, he gets paid a bit more than me. But I digress.

Listen to a Movie has tons of films uploaded that you can listen to (TV shows, too) and some of the films even include the director's commentary tracks. They even have a cool "stealth" mode that turns the audio player window into a fake spreadsheet, to fool your boss. There's never been a more movie-related way to pass the time, without actually watching the film.

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