What would Jack Bauer say if he knew what his alter ego was up to? Kiefer Sutherland was planning to bring the 24-hour crime fighter extraordinaire to the big screen with a 24 feature film, but the script wasn't ready. Now that the movie has been pushed until the summer -- after the show's 7th season -- Mr. Sutherland is trying his hand as a different kind of crime fighter in the supernatural thriller, Mirrors. This also just happens to be the next project from writer/director Alexandre Aja, the man who brought us High Tension and the remake of The Hills Have Eyes.

His part in Mirrors places him in yet another security role, but this time in a much weaker capacity -- his character is a mall security guard! When he discovers that there is something strange about the mirrors in a department store, he decides to find the evil's origin. What are the mirrors doing? According to IMDb, they bring "out the worst aspects of people whenever they look at themselves in it." It sounds so silly that you could imagine it as a comedy, with a bumbling Deputy Dewey investigating the mall's inanimate objects, and channelling the Medusa myth -- don't look her in the eye! However, we are talking about Aja, which should guarantee a straight horror-thriller. The film, which will be distributed by 20th Century Fox, will begin shooting in Romania on May 1st.

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