Magdalena's Brain is a modern take on "brain in a tank" movies like Donovan's Brain, with the literal cerebellum in a jar being replaced by a synthetic one. This being the first movie I've seen from Heretic Films, I'm impressed with what is a generally well-acted and smartly written story. Magdalena Welling (Amy Shelton-White) is a surgeon, whose husband Arthur (Sanjiban Sellew) is a leading scientist working in the field of artificial intelligence. Both their lives change dramatically when Arthur's attempt to transfer his memories into his latest invention goes tragically wrong, leaving him a quadriplegic. Magdalena becomes Arthur's sole caregiver, and the two take up residence in an old warehouse, where they continue Arthur's work in seclusion. The gigantic building, filled with old video equipment that is passing for a bank of high-tech computers, makes for some wonderful shots, showing that first-time director Warren Amerman (or at least his director of photography) knows how to place a camera.

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