In 2005 Rian Johnson wowed us all with Brick, a teenage detective story drenched in noir-speak. Since then, we've been anxious to see more from the writer/director. In August of last year, we got snippets of what he was up to when news was released about his follow-up, The Brothers Bloom. A few months later, Rachel Weisz signed on, and then....nothing. It seems that perhaps he's been waiting for just the right people. Oscar-winner Adrien Brody has signed on to play the younger of the Bloom brothers, a veteran team of con-men, and Rinko Kikuchi has signed on as their "sexy and secretive accomplice." As the story goes, Brody's character wants to quit the business, and the brothers take on one last job -- conning Weisz's mysterious millionaire, who turns the tables on them.

Considering the calibre of actors Johnson is getting to surround the Bloom brothers, I can only imagine what sort of talent he plans to get for the other brother. The Hollywood Reporter previously reported that the leads would be "thirty-something," but Brody is in his mid-30s and he's playing the "younger" brother, so maybe the elder Bloom could be.....Kevin Spacey? Philip Seymour Hoffman? Who would you cast as a modern-day con-man that embodies the style of the early 20th century? Johnson needs to start speeding things up if he wants to send this film to Cannes in 2008, like his producer, Ram Bergman, plans.

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