We've been raving about the Canadian zombie comedy, Fido, on Cinematical for a while now. After a great premiere at TIFF, the film is slated for release on June 15th, and we've finally got a teaser for you to sink your zombie-yearning teeth into. It's quite brief, and doesn show much, but that might be best. Like any comedy, the laughs are best the first time around, and this teaser does a good job of showing the gist without revealing the gusto.

If you've missed our news on the servant zombie flick -- take some post-war "troops-yay!" propaganda films, add in some Donna Reed home life in full, vibrant technicolor, add a bunch of moaning, partially-decomposed zombies and blend them all together to get Fido. The film centers on a post-zombie-apocalypse paradise called Willard, where ZomCon gives out special collars that make flesh-hungry zombies into docile servants. Beyond the walls of the town, zombies moan groan and exist in a wasteland -- think of the future earth in the 80's camp tv show, Buck Rogers. Within the walls, people blissfully let zombies do almost everything, which usually amounts to daily chores and menial tasks, but they can also perform carnal pleasures, the likes of which Timmy's neighbour delights in.

However, unlike the zombie-loving people around him, Timmy wonders about the truth behind what a zombie is and what he/she can feel. This inevitably leads him to befriend his new zombie help, Fido (Billy Connolly). You should check out the teaser now, and the film this summer, if for no other reason than to see the Scottish comedian go through an entire feature with nothing but grunts, groans and facial reactions.