Each year the Oscar nominees gather for a fabulous pre-awards luncheon and to bask in each other's glory. A Reuter's story reports such activities as Leonardo DiCaprio giving Abigail Breslin a high-five, Steven Spielberg (nominated for producing Letters from Iwo Jima) murmuring secretively with Peter O'Toole (a future movie project?), and everyone cheering for Martin Scorsese. At a press conference, some of the nominees -- also Academy members -- joked about the option of voting for themselves. Helen Mirren reportedly gave herself devil's horns with her fingers while discussing her vote, and Djimon Hounsou wondered aloud if anyone else present would be voting for him.

In all, it was the most popular Awards luncheon yet, with 140 nominees present. One sound mixer, Kevin O'Connell, holds the record for the most nominations, 19, without winning. This year he's nominated for Apocalypto. "I've saved all my acceptance speeches, all the ones I've written on the backs of napkins and programs," he told reporters. "They are all in a drawer at home. I have my thank-you written. If I win this year, I will thank my mother."

Aside from the hijinks that reporters are allowed to see, we can only imagine what else goes on at such a luncheon. What does everyone eat? Do people ask Scorsese, Spielberg and Clint Eastwood for jobs? Does Ryan Gosling try to hit on Penelope Cruz? Does everyone try to hit on Penelope Cruz? Does Kate Winslet get jealous? Does Abigail Breslin have to sit at the kids' table? Does Jackie Earle Haley creep everyone out? Alas, so few of us will ever know the answers to these questions. Not invited to the luncheon this year were Laura Dern, Jim Broadbent, David Lynch, Clive Owen, Bill Nighy, Sandra Bullock, Rian Johnson, Terry Zwigoff, Daniel Clowes and many other overlooked artists.